Three Signs your Stairs need a Renovation

Stairs see a lot of wear and tear in your home due to constant traffic.  It’s good to keep an eye on the structure and condition of your staircase as the years pass. Sure a few scratches and bumps are normal for stairs but here are our 3 main reasons why it may be time for a staircase replacement:  

1.    Creaking or damaged treads.

Treads keep stairs secure and are typically wedged tightly into place. Over time due to heavy use, these wedges can loosen and cause a creaking sound.  If only a few stairs are making noise you can get away with a few quick repairs. However, if the whole staircase is making a creaking sound it could be time to design and create a new staircase. The Custom Spaces team are experts in the area of design, they will work with you to create stairs that suit your space.


2.    Lose railings or posts.

Lose railings can be a major safety issue with your staircase, so if any parts are loose or broken you know it’s time to remodel. These issues are all signs that your staircase is aging and needs attention. 


3.    Structural issues.

Visibly your staircase may be in great shape, make sure you always check the under structure of your stairs as well. There could be foundation issues due to the house shifting over the years and if they are exterior stands there could be damage from the weather.  If you see any signs that the structure under the stairs is unbalanced or broken speak to the Custom Spaces team about an onsite visit and quote. 


It may be the case that you need a slight repair or a major remodel, if it’s the case we can help with both.  Talk to us today about a quote for your next staircase job – call 0410 150 756 or Email us 

Brett Columbus