Choosing a Staircase Nosing Style

Nosing? You’re probably wondering what does nosing mean when it comes to your stairs? 

Nosing’s or tread nosing’s as they are commonly known is the name given to the edge of your stairand they give the staircase a decorative feature. At Custom Spaces offer 5 basic nosing profiles which can be used to change the style of your staircase to match the surroundings.


Half round nosing

half round nosing is defined by having two partially rounded edges with a flat surface between this flat surface creates a desirable look which can be used on virtually any surface and so is easily repeated.

A full round nosing is easily noticeable due to the fact that it contains a continuous curve on the front edge of the nosing. This is the most common design choice when producing a staircase due to the ease of creating this profile. 

pencil round nosing is designed to match the curve of pencil at the exposed edges of a tread. 

square aris nosing is typically used with a modern style construction staircase. This detail is characterised by its sharp lines which are created by giving the edges only a 1-2mm champher providing the contemporary look that is highly sought after.

A staircase with no nosings is generally constructed using a combination of Pine and MDF this is due to the availability of MDF components and their cost effectiveness.


In many ways your stair nosing can make or break your overall design, apart from this the nosing makes your staircase safe.  The stair nosing adds extra room so when you tread on the stair your foot won’t accidently slip.  There are different materials for nosing that can provide extra grip to footwear. These include steel, aluminium, rubber, wood and hard plastics. 


Adding nosing to the stair also increases its structural integrity and the overall lifespan. Nosing is easy to install and can be integrated into pre-existing staircases. 


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Brett Columbus