Custom-made Bookcases for a Home Library

custom made bookshelves

There’s nothing like relaxing at home with a good book, a cup of coffee or your favourite glass of red. Imagine having a nook in your home that is just dedicated to your all your favourite books.  A place where you can escape the norm and chill out.  

When designing your own home library there are a few things to take into consideration.   Like how to keep your extensive book collection organised? How do you plan and build your library without sacrificing your living space? What material would you like the bookshelves to be constructed from?

We have the solution!

custom-made bookcase shelves


When planning your own home chill out zone, firstly decide which part of the house will be the best location. Think about where you often sit to read your books? Is it a small part of your living room area, in the study, or in the bedroom?  Think about the position and the natural light for each area as well. Custom Spaces can then work with you to build a custom shelves to accommodate your home library, reading nook and give their recommendations for the best position for your library as well. 

Quantity of Books

Check the quantity of books you have. How many of them are to be placed in shelves? Do you want to bring out some more from storage? This will play a part in making the most impact on your space.   Make your own piece of art with shelves packed with books and colour coded, for maximum impact. 

custom-made home library

Consider the Design & Space

Whether you are living in a small apartment or large house, be sure to consider the space allocated for your bookcases and reading nook. Plan the design and decide which will best suits your style and what area of the home you love best. When you have settled on a design the Custom Spaces team will deliver the highest quality and craftsmanship to make your dream a reality. We are experts with experience in custom furniture and carpentry work for residential and commercial spaces. 

Plywood library shelves

Quality Materials for Bookshelves

Depending on the style of your home, choosing a construction material for your bookcases to suit the aesthetic of your space is important.   Some materials used for bookshelves include: 

-       Solid Wood -  Generally, harder woods are the heavier and more resistant to scratches. Still, softer woods, if treated correctly, will keep just as well as harder woods.

-      Plywood - Several grades are available and differing in cost. Top and bottom plies can be high-quality woods to create the appearance of fine woods, but edge veneer or molding is needed to complete the illusion.

-       MDF - Low-cost MDF makes an excellent base for veneers; plus, its strength is consistent and it shapes well.

-       Metal - There’s a reason most library bookshelves are made from metal: Metal bookcases are resistant to moisture and fungus, their low-friction shelves are easier on books’ bindings and metal’s strength-to-weight ratio can’t be beat. 


Once you have a rough idea of what you want for your home library, we will take care of the rest.  Email or call Custom Spaces – the Northern Beaches Stairs specialists on 0410 150 756 for an on-site estimate.